Batch House

Batch HouseThe batch house is the place where the raw glass material is stored in large silos prior to sending them to the glass furnace operations phase.

Following is the step by step process:

  • The raw materials is stored in the batch house glass
    equipment. Here, the material is inspected and sampled ensuring
    they are of standard size.
  • Further, the material is transferred to proper storage silo.
  • Prior to sending the raw material into furnace, the material is
    proportioned into batches and weighed on scales located
    under storage silos.
  • For each raw material, there is only one scale, thereby
    the batch must be accurate.
  • On daily basis the sensitivity of scale is checked.
  • After weighing, the material is passed to the mixer that is
    placed above the furnace.
  • At some places, the cullet is added to reduce the wear and
    tear on the mixer.
  • A horizontal belt conveyor is used to pass on to the furnace.
  • You should add water to the mixer to reduce the chances of dusting.
  • The wet batch increases batch pattern control in the furnace
    crucial for efficient melting.

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