Dust Collection and Extraction System

No matter which industry you are associated with, you are well-aware of the fact that dust is one of the major floor and environment pollutants. It is generated by manufacturing processes such as polishing, metal cutting, grinding and buffing. Dust is a serious threat to all humans and this menace can easily be eliminated with the installation of high quality dust collectors and dust collection systems. Two main products which are manufactured here, known by the name as Portable dust collectors and Cyclone dust collectors by manufacturing team India.

Cyclone Type Dust Collectors

Cyclone Type Dust CollectorsIt is one of the most preferred and popular types of dust collectors used across many industries. It is used for collection of heavy dust particles. Cyclone Type Dust Collectors can be used as pre-collector in dust extraction system either in triple, two, single or quad configurations. These can be purchased at reasonable rates that too without having to compromise on quality. The Cyclone Type Dust Collectors are manufactured & designed for harsh and heavy industry applications.

Technical Specifications:

  • Air flow ranges from 1000 m3/h to
    25,000 m3/h in single configuration
  • It is available in sizes from 400 mm
    dia to 1800 mm dia

Portable Dust Collector

Portable Dust CollectorDust can be one of the biggest problems in any kind of working environment. Not only it is harmful for employees but also delays production, thus increasing costs. Hence, the need to put in use high-quality, cost-effective dust collector system comes into picture named by portable Dust Collector System in India. It becomes easy to control dust through several methods on the basis of the size and density of dust particles.

When your application needs the portability of fume as well as dust collectors then all you need the equipment which can easily and quickly remove dust. The portable dust collector work as same, It is highly efficient, low maintenance and energy-saving product.

  • Steel
  • Sponge Iron
  • Cement
  • Automobiles
  • Boiler Flue Gas
  • Ceramic Industries
  • Wood Working
  • Rice and flour mills

  • Technical Specifications:
  • Filtration area: 20 sqm to 1500 sqm
  • Air flow: 2000 m3/h to 100,000 m3/h

Dust Collection System

Dust Collection System The dust collection system is ideally used to purify the breathable air quality by removing the impurities from the air and environment. Such a system is used in industrial, commercial, as well as home production shops. Here is the process followed by dust collection system. Firstly, the dust is captured with the devices such as capture hoods. The next step is that the dust must be conveyed through a ducting system to ensure the consistent minimum air velocity so that the dust remains in suspension for conveyance to the collection device. Towards the end, the dust is collected through various means that are dependent on the application and the type of dust to be handled.

Dust Extraction System

Dust Extraction System Everyone expects to have clean workplace that can be achieved using the dust extraction system. Such a system can be wet or dry and saves your time as well as health. The dust extraction system provides the dust-free environment. You should work more effectively in a manner that is appropriate for your health. You can also buy the accessories of the dust extraction system and these accessories saves your health from harmful dust particles and the ambiguity involved in cleaning. These systems are easy to handle, convenient to operate, and powerful in using. You can buy the dust extraction system from various manufacturers available across India.

Fume Extraction Systems

Fume Extraction SystemsFume Extraction Systems or Fume Scrubbers are used for controlling air pollution levels as well as removing acidic fumes which generate from welding and industrial exhaust streams, so called it welding fume extraction system. These products are used widely for maintaining clean as well as working environment in many industrial processes such as zinc plating, pickling and chrome plating. It is extremely important to make use of high quality of raw material for the manufacturing of fume extraction system in India so that clients can get excellent results. Installing of Fume Extraction System or plant is important in industries where work like welding is done.

It is gaining popularity for safety, increased productivity, environment protection, safety and health of manpower. It has an extremely important and essential role to play in manufacturing industries. Generation of corrosive gases and fumes can affect the health of employees and also pollute the entire environment at the manufacturing facility. Installation of Fume extraction systems ensures hygienic working conditions. It can help in saving energy and also require near to zero maintenance. It helps in removing fume and smoke thus promoting healthy working environment. Here are a few technical specifications of fume extraction system:

  • Air flow of these scrubbers vary from
    3000 m3/h to 24,000 m3/h
  • These are available in sizes starting from
    600 mm dia to 1800 mm dia

Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Pneumatic Conveying SystemsGiven the fact that demand Pneumatic Conveying Systems in India is gaining popularity each passing day, demand for quality and cost-effective products has increased too. These are available in different range from which you can choose the best for you. Pneumatic Conveying Systems in India is along transferring both raw material and final product from one floor to the other with the help of air assist. It is because of their high performance as well as robust construction that these are used widely in Gaur gum plants, rice mills, flour mills and boilers/ESP. buy high quality systems for long lasting performance and low maintenance.

Industrial Ventilation System

Industrial Ventilation SystemIndustrial Ventilation Systems are used in different industries for cooling purpose. It is important to choose the best of the range so that results are beyond satisfaction. Excellent service back up and high quality performance is two factors to consider when looking for Ventilation Systems. These products are also custom designed as per the specifications and needs given by the client. Installing these units is one of the most energy-efficient as well as cost-effective ways for cooling buildings.

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