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Centrifugal Fan

Centrifugal Fan The mechanical device used to move air or other gases is known as centrifugal fan. Such a fan uses the kinetic energy of the rotating blade to enhance the pressure of the gas thereby moving them against the resistance caused by ducts. Centrifugal fans accelerate the air by changing the direction of the flow of the air. These fans throw the constant amount of air at a constant speed. In other words you can say that the velocity of the air in a system is constant irrespective of the fact that the mass flow rate is not constant. It is one of the most commonly used fan in the HVAC industry.

Dusting Fan

Dusting Fan Generally in homes, it has been found that the regions at high heights are not been cleaned. For these, you can buy the dusting fan. Alike other products, the dusting fan is also supplied by various manufacturers. When the dust sits around at various places, the dusting fan is considered ideal by removing the dust particles and cleaning the region. Such dusting fan is not only used in homes but also in the industries for cleaning purposes. Such fans are of heavy duty than the centrifugal fans. Check online for manufacturers and then only go for a deal. You should also have read the customer reviews.

Axial Flow Fans

Axial Flow FansAxial flow fans are used in different industries for removing fumes as well as dust particles from the work area. Cast alloy aluminium (that has either variable or fixed pitch angle) plays big role in the manufacture of these products. When it comes to placing an order for Axial Flow Fans, look for cost-effective deals which provide quality as well. You can get affordable range of aero dynamic blades V or belt driven arrangements.


  • Precisely engineered
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Robust in construction
  • Technical Specifications:
  • Performance: 500 m3/h to 200,000 m3/h
    up to 100 mm WG static pressure
  • Rotor diameter: 300 mm to 1600 mm

Air Slide Fan

Air Slide FanYou will find the fans used in a forced draft service either to move or pneumatically convey materials. It is found that the air slide applications are commonly used to process dry cement and gypsum materials. The fan models available of air slide applications are AVP – Turbo Pressure Blowers, N – Turbo Pressure Blowers, and RB – Pressure Blowers. One of the manufacturer of fans is Chicago Blower Corporation, who designs the fans to meet the requirements of the air slide applications by providing inlet silencers, volume control, and energy efficient wheel designs. These air slide fans can be bought as per your requirement.

High Pressure Fan

High Pressure FanThe manufacturers believe that the high pressure fans are designed for the use in restricted areas. It is considered that the high pressure fans are ideal for radiator and heatsink use, as well as drive bay intakes. You can use high pressure fans where a fan is to be mounted directly adjacent to a heat source. The main objective of the designing of high pressure fans is to overcome high resistance to air flow and thereby run at 2 pole or 3000/min motor speed. In comparison with the traditional equipment with riveted construction, these fans are of high duty as well as pressure with the continuously welded material construction.

Duct Mounting Fan

Duct Mounting FanA duct mounting fan can be various series such as compact axial fans, centrifugal fans, mixed flow fans, and compact units. The use of compact axial fan is from cooling computer equipment to the ventilation of light boxes as well as switchboards. The use of centrifugal fan is to supply air to the applications such as kitchens, bathrooms, offices, and restaurants cooling systems. The use of mixed flow fan is in homes, hotels, and apartments. The compact units are used in the projects such as apartments, hotels, and offices where noise cannot be a concern. In comparison with the mechanical fan, a ducted fan is a propulsion arrangement.

FD Fan

FD FanThe FD fan stands for forced draft designed for giving a positive pressure to a system. Such type of fans are commonly used in the industries that employ boiler systems to enhance the boiler efficiency. When we talk about the designing aspect of the FD fan, they have a wheel in between that hangs on a shaft with an integrated inlet box. Such arrangement is known as 3SI or 3DI. The FD fan are used in various industries such as Energy, Cement, Chemical or petrochemical, pharmaceutical, controlling air pollution, extraction of dust, ventilation, and handling of fire gas. Commonly, these fans are found in the boiler industry.

ID Fan

ID FanID fan is known as Induced Draft wherein the fan is located at the exit end of the path of flow and the system is in negative pressure. In other words, the pressure in the flow area is below atmospheric pressure. The ID fans are used to throw out the flue gas from various appliances such as superheaters, preheater. Such type of fans accept low density hot air and manage huge volume of air, thereby the high maintenance cost and operating cost. ID fans are placed at the second last stage thereby throwing out the flue gas and finally sending then to chimney.


DIDW FanThe Double Inlet Double Width (DIDW) fans are proved to be good for filtered as well as fresh air supply along with ventilation. The objective of using such fans is the supply of fresh air, room pressurization system, and cooling system with air washer. The various types of designs of such fans is backward curved, backward inclined, forward curve, and airfoil blades design. These fans are considered suitable for supply and getting applications in commercial, process, and industrial HVAC system. DIDW has suction on both the sides so they can also be called as two centrifugal fans. The major advantage of using such fans is that its impeller can be sized down to smaller diameters for the same output of SISW fans.

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